Monday, September 24, 2012

Coffee Drinkers Rejoice! Caffeine and Exercise Found to Prevent Skin Cancer

Good news coffee drinkers, A recent study at Rutgers University found that exercise and caffeine, used together, doubled the levels of the tumor-suppressing protein "phospho-p53. Exercise alone boosted this protein by 18% and drinking two cups off coffee increased this protein by 27%.

So drinking coffee and exercising may prevent cancer in sun-damaged skin cells by increasing the level of a tumor-blocking protein in the body.

"We think this points out a need for more studies to see if the combination will protect people against sunlight-induced skin cancer," said the study's senior researcher, Allan Conney, the director of the Laboratory for Cancer Research at Rutgers University.

This research was conducted as a result of a previous study on Green Tea. It was found that only the caffeinated version of Green Tea helped get rid of DNA damaged skin cells. The decaffeinated Green Tea had no effect to repair damaged skin cells.

Here is What I Recommend as The Best Strategy to Use Caffeine and Exercise Together

1) Don't eat anything 4 hours before working out

2) 30 minutes before training drink two cups of coffee or 3 cups of Green Tea

3) Make sure and perform intense cardio after lifting to take advantage of caffeine's fat burning potential

It looks like mother nature wants us to drink coffee! So Starbucks is a health food store...I knew it! Don't go crazy and green tea is great as long as you don't load it down with sugar and cream. Stick with black coffee. My drink of choice is a "Double Tall Iced Americano". This is basically a fancy way of making iced coffee with espresso shots, water and ice. You can make a similar drink with brewed coffee, but it isn't quite the same.

Not only will caffeine reduce your risk of skin cancer, it will give you energy on a low calorie diet to burn body fat like crazy!

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